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"But, my GPA isn't that good, can i go to College? How can I afford it? Will i get a job?" These are questions that plagued many inner city students of the Seattle area in 1995. After hearing their concerns, a group of educators swiftly created the group "Northwest Black Pioneers" to provide opportunities for educational enlightenment and vocational experiences. That summer, the first College tour took place to take 22 students around the country to experience and witness 15 grandiose colleges and universities. Ten years later, the organization has grown and flourished by leaps and bounds.


The name "Northwest Black Pioneers" was birthed after researching the many prominent African Americans past and present in the Northwest. A common denominator of the afluent individuals was that many attended Black Colleges, and found education to be the key to success in any line of work. Therefore, to educate students and provide opportunities, they must understand and recognize that many before them have encountered similar issues, and they too were able to achieve great success. 


Program Objectives

  • To use programs, resources & technology to shed light on access to opportunities and experiences that provides visibility, awareness and exposure to culturally diverse concepts.

  • Guidance and direction in making informed decisions on post high school decisions

  • Strategic resource to Corporations and Business for vocational and networking purposes

  • To build and encourage students as individuals to build future leaders of America

Program Goals

  • Create and maintain an integrated infrastructure that promotes and ensures success.

  • Create and maintain partnerships with communities, programs, institutions and agencies to further our objectives

  • Build and promote a culture that encourages personal development and growth while maximizing each individuals contributions

  • Provide resources and guidance in support of students choices that enable them to become  productive viable members and contributors to our communities 

  • To support students in remaining focused throughout their high school years with the intent of improving their knowledge and ability of being prepared to attend an institute of higher learning.

  • To motivate students to take action in regards to their future and the educational options available to them.


Colleges we visit

Howard University, Washington D.C.

Morgan State, Washington D.C.

Coppin State, Baltimore

Virgina State, Virgina

Virginia Union, Virginia

North Carolina A&T, North Carolina

Spelman, Georgia

Moorehouse, Georgia

Clark-Atlanta, Georgia

Morris Brown, Georgia

Alabama State, Alabama

Tuskegee, Alabama

Southern Univerist, Lousiana

Xavier, Louisiana

Tougaloo, Mississippi

Jackson State, Mississippi

Many more...


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